Because of Starbucks I Had the Most Terrible Travelling Experience So Far

I had my most terrible travel experience because of Starbucks. But I still love Starbucks so much. It was a long day after a convention visit in Manila.

StarBucks Coffee

My flight was 5:10 PM and I am still having a sip of coffee at Starbucks at 3:30PM. After that, I took a late lunch 4:15PM at KFC. My flight just slipt my mind, it was 4:45PM when I remembered my flight. I immediately rushed to the airport. I arrived there 4:56PM only to know it was on the second terminal so I rushed again and arrived there 5:07PM. Passengers are already boarding when I passed the security area. But unfortunately, the desk clerk did not allow me to board and I have to rebook my flight. The nearest fight is 2AM. Imagine, I have all the heavy baggages at hand and I have to carry out of the airport and go somewhere else to wait for 9 hours before the flight.

Before I forget it happened at NAIA Old terminal in Manila. And the worst thing? I have to pay twice the price of the ticket for a rebooking. And what a bad luck, after paying the fee, I have only enough money for a taxi way back to my house. I did not carry any credit cards nor checks since I know it will be a very short trip.

What I did? I went to Mall of Asia, and parked my baggages on the baggage counter, and stroll around the mall. I bought nor ate nothing since I have a really tight budget now. When 10PM strikes, the mall closes and I have to stay on the Manila Bay side park to wait for another 4 hours. 12 AM came and the park needs to light down and close. So I just went to NAIA terminal and waited there. I chatted with the waiting passengers just to pass the two long hours of wait.

By the time boarding time came, it is like I am hearing angels sing. At last my agony will end. Sounds like I am about to die and go to heaven. I fell asleep in the plane. But after the plane landed, I already catch a terrible cold and fever. Worst travelling experience ever.

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Best Places to Look for an Online Ninja to Outsource in the Philippines

April 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Outsourcing in the Philippines is one of the best decisions you could make for your online business. Filipinos are very industrious people and they ate loyal once you treated them right. These sites are the best place so far when looking for the right place to spot online ninjas

1. I had been a registered member in this site, and I got to tell you, when you are trying to look for a very specific type of person you can do it here.

2. If you are trying to look for someone who is new but very talented, you can find it here. From fresh graduate newbies to experts can be found here.

These are just two of the places you can find an ace online worker for your outsourcing job. Keep posted for more of the sites to best places to look for online workers.

One blog that blogs experiences of online workers can be read here, They actually make an interview style of blogging and also explains some scenarios. Quite simple but helpful posts.

Increase the Speed of your uTorrent 2.0.4 by 200 times the Normal Speed: How to tweak it

March 18, 2011 Leave a comment

One of the most discouraging part of downloading files through torrent client is that they are extremely slow. With a slow internet connection, I could hardly download my desired files with only 1.25 more or less of download speed. I actually saw a video tutorial in Youtube about how to increase your download speed for your p2p clients, but it didn’t worked for me.

So I tried adding tweaks on the settings and voila! I got a speed around 200 times its normal speed. They is much of it depending on your connection. I actually taught my friend about tweaking the speed of your utorrent, and she found out it is not effective. Funny thing, her torrent client is higher than 2.0.4 utorrent, so we uninstalled her higher version and installed the older version which is 2.0.4 and it did worked. A file as big as 4 GB would take her to download it for 5 days, but after the tweak we did, it only took her 4 hours to completely enjoy the downloaded file.

You might be asking why it didn’t work on higher utorrent versions, maybe because higher version has been added with anti-hacking device that in order to be fair with other peers, you should not be tweaking anything. But tweaking your download speed is never unfair as long as you also give back what you downloaded in the p2p community.

Just a word of advice, if you are a torrent client user, after completely downloading a file, keep your torrent client running so that you will also serve as a peer or seeder for other users to download. Just make sure you have a good anti-virus, anti-malware or some ip guardian for security purposes.

Watch out for my next video that will cover, how to easily and automatically download a video from Youtube and other flash video playing sites. Leave your comments and suggestions and if you find this very helpful, please feel free to share it. Subscribe for my coming blogs or you can subscribe for my site feed found on the right side bar.

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Increase the Quality of Your Articles: How to do it?

March 17, 2011 4 comments

As an article or content writer. It is very important to have a credibility and consistency when we write. On should consider the ROGU or Readability, Overall Quality, Grammar and Spelling, and Uniqueness of your article. With constant practice, you may find it very easy to attain success in these areas of consideration.

Excellence is a habit and not a one time shot. Like failure, success is also not permanent. What’s my point? I simply want to point out, if you are in the brink of giving up writing because you thought you are such a looser in that field and thus you will never earn from it, well, think again. Great writers had also their great failure. What’s the difference between you and them, is that never stopped pursuing for excellence.

I also believe that Article Writing is both an Art and a Science. Art, because it needs time to attain excellence and Science because you need a systematic organization of thoughts. Wrong mindset towards article writing would only lead you to limbo.

So cheer up! If you think you can’t…just do it. Write as many articles you can unmindful of the general rules, spelling and organization. Just let the thoughts flow from your mind to your finger tips touching the keys of the keyboard. Then assess yourself, evaluate and practice. You’ll get it in the long run. Just don’t be impatient. It will come and you will see how practice and consistency works in you not only in article writing but in all walks of like you have.

Why I gave this Video Tutorial Series is for me to extend my warmest appreciation to all hard-working OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers including myself(bias!) . It is also one way of giving back what I learned from the people I worked with and I look up to. I credit more than half of the what I shared in the video tutorial to Ms. Maribeth Oliver, who gave us a training that truly helped me a lot. If you are having trouble with my video tutorial you can download the Powerpoint presentation here.

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Facebook News feed Set by Default to Show Recently Interacted People Only: How to Change it

March 16, 2011 Leave a comment

You might not know it, but Facebook Newsfeed, by default, is set to showing newsfeeds to ‘friends you had recently interacted’. Ofcourse you want to see updates in all your friends and pages right. So you have an option to do this.

I actually decided to make this tutorial after I read a message about Facebook News feed that they are showing only feed to people you had recently interacted with. I am the type of person who wants to keep updated with the friends I have in all my social networking sites especially in Facebook. It is very important to stay updated and kept on track with what is happening, not only to people we had recently interacted with. I call this, not SOCIAL BUTTERFLYING but I call this WIDENING HORIZONS.

Being updated would mean gaining more knowledge. And a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. You might not want yourself to be in danger because of little knowledge you have in hand right?

Sorry for the noise in the background. I usually crate tutorial every morning, that explains the roosters crowing in the background.Thank you! You are also welcome to repost this! You might want to learn more about how to create your own Facebook profile banner

Facebook Profile Banner: How to Create or Make One for Yourself

March 14, 2011 5 comments

Making a Facebook profile banner is very simple and easy. Though the video took me 8 minutes to finish. You can actually finish a profile banner for only about few seconds or minutes after you made your 1st one. Since you the time-consuming part is the slicing and removing of the parts from the canvass to make it as your mold for profile banner pictures.

Profile Banner can be very helpful in order to make your FaceBook profile account look professional, or you just want to gain bragging rights. You can gain some admirations looking at your very own profile banner.

Keep in mind, after you had created the 5 images for your profile banner, the last photo should be tagged 1st going to the 1st photo to be tagged the last. This is very important since, if you will tag your self in a wrong sequence, your profile banner will not look as you expected it to be.

I made this video tutorial for all of you guys. Since many of the Likers of my page are already asking How to make it themselves. You can actually go to the FaceBook page and Like Us here!

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Online Applicant Got Hired Easily: How FaceBook Helped

A lot of online freelance worker has always neglect the power of social networking site, especially the biggest site the world has ever known – FaceBook, for getting hired in a job. Social Networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pocodot, Myspace and etc. can be  very big leverage for online freelancer to get the job they wanted.

One thing is for sure, we can make a very good impression though our curriculum vita or application letters, but employers are very particular to knowing the applicant in their real color. It means that, as an employer, I want to hire someone who has nothing to hide from me or I want a worker who is decent not only in front of me, but also when no boss is around.

How then FaceBook can help an online applicant to get the job he or she is applying to? I will be putting my points into bullets.

  • First, get a decent Profile Photo. Prospective employers want to see what type of person you are when no boss is watching you. So your FaceBook profile reflects much of what type of person you are by the way of looking at you profile picture. Avoid these types of profile pictures:
    • Posing Naked/Half-Naked in whatever background or setting
    • Posing with a bottle of liquor or alcohol
    • Posing intoxicated
    • Posing with tongue stuck in another person’s mouth
    • Posing with violently offending intentions
    • Posing with so much intention of self-expression

Self expression is not bad and it is something that should be encouraged but too much degree of it can be very eye-aching and may give you a very bad impression.

  • Second is, filling up your ‘info’ page with something interesting. Prospective employers may take a time dropping by your page and see to it if the entries you wrote in your biography and curriculum vitae are true. Your info page may also speak for yourself of the type of person you are by reading your interests, political views, religious views and other related entries.

These are just two tips, but they are very crucial of you getting the job or not. It has been proven to be very effective for us, since we too are also Online Freelance Workers. Surely, some methods are pretty effective for every uniques individual per uniques application. But Indeed, Facebook helped many online applicants get the job.

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