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Online Applicant Got Hired Easily: How FaceBook Helped

A lot of online freelance worker has always neglect the power of social networking site, especially the biggest site the world has ever known – FaceBook, for getting hired in a job. Social Networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pocodot, Myspace and etc. can be  very big leverage for online freelancer to get the job they wanted.

One thing is for sure, we can make a very good impression though our curriculum vita or application letters, but employers are very particular to knowing the applicant in their real color. It means that, as an employer, I want to hire someone who has nothing to hide from me or I want a worker who is decent not only in front of me, but also when no boss is around.

How then FaceBook can help an online applicant to get the job he or she is applying to? I will be putting my points into bullets.

  • First, get a decent Profile Photo. Prospective employers want to see what type of person you are when no boss is watching you. So your FaceBook profile reflects much of what type of person you are by the way of looking at you profile picture. Avoid these types of profile pictures:
    • Posing Naked/Half-Naked in whatever background or setting
    • Posing with a bottle of liquor or alcohol
    • Posing intoxicated
    • Posing with tongue stuck in another person’s mouth
    • Posing with violently offending intentions
    • Posing with so much intention of self-expression

Self expression is not bad and it is something that should be encouraged but too much degree of it can be very eye-aching and may give you a very bad impression.

  • Second is, filling up your ‘info’ page with something interesting. Prospective employers may take a time dropping by your page and see to it if the entries you wrote in your biography and curriculum vitae are true. Your info page may also speak for yourself of the type of person you are by reading your interests, political views, religious views and other related entries.

These are just two tips, but they are very crucial of you getting the job or not. It has been proven to be very effective for us, since we too are also Online Freelance Workers. Surely, some methods are pretty effective for every uniques individual per uniques application. But Indeed, Facebook helped many online applicants get the job.

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