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Increase the Speed of your uTorrent 2.0.4 by 200 times the Normal Speed: How to tweak it

One of the most discouraging part of downloading files through torrent client is that they are extremely slow. With a slow internet connection, I could hardly download my desired files with only 1.25 more or less of download speed. I actually saw a video tutorial in Youtube about how to increase your download speed for your p2p clients, but it didn’t worked for me.

So I tried adding tweaks on the settings and voila! I got a speed around 200 times its normal speed. They is much of it depending on your connection. I actually taught my friend about tweaking the speed of your utorrent, and she found out it is not effective. Funny thing, her torrent client is higher than 2.0.4 utorrent, so we uninstalled her higher version and installed the older version which is 2.0.4 and it did worked. A file as big as 4 GB would take her to download it for 5 days, but after the tweak we did, it only took her 4 hours to completely enjoy the downloaded file.

You might be asking why it didn’t work on higher utorrent versions, maybe because higher version has been added with anti-hacking device that in order to be fair with other peers, you should not be tweaking anything. But tweaking your download speed is never unfair as long as you also give back what you downloaded in the p2p community.

Just a word of advice, if you are a torrent client user, after completely downloading a file, keep your torrent client running so that you will also serve as a peer or seeder for other users to download. Just make sure you have a good anti-virus, anti-malware or some ip guardian for security purposes.

Watch out for my next video that will cover, how to easily and automatically download a video from Youtube and other flash video playing sites. Leave your comments and suggestions and if you find this very helpful, please feel free to share it. Subscribe for my coming blogs or you can subscribe for my site feed found on the right side bar.

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