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Because of Starbucks I Had the Most Terrible Travelling Experience So Far

I had my most terrible travel experience because of Starbucks. But I still love Starbucks so much. It was a long day after a convention visit in Manila.

StarBucks Coffee

My flight was 5:10 PM and I am still having a sip of coffee at Starbucks at 3:30PM. After that, I took a late lunch 4:15PM at KFC. My flight just slipt my mind, it was 4:45PM when I remembered my flight. I immediately rushed to the airport. I arrived there 4:56PM only to know it was on the second terminal so I rushed again and arrived there 5:07PM. Passengers are already boarding when I passed the security area. But unfortunately, the desk clerk did not allow me to board and I have to rebook my flight. The nearest fight is 2AM. Imagine, I have all the heavy baggages at hand and I have to carry out of the airport and go somewhere else to wait for 9 hours before the flight.

Before I forget it happened at NAIA Old terminal in Manila. And the worst thing? I have to pay twice the price of the ticket for a rebooking. And what a bad luck, after paying the fee, I have only enough money for a taxi way back to my house. I did not carry any credit cards nor checks since I know it will be a very short trip.

What I did? I went to Mall of Asia, and parked my baggages on the baggage counter, and stroll around the mall. I bought nor ate nothing since I have a really tight budget now. When 10PM strikes, the mall closes and I have to stay on the Manila Bay side park to wait for another 4 hours. 12 AM came and the park needs to light down and close. So I just went to NAIA terminal and waited there. I chatted with the waiting passengers just to pass the two long hours of wait.

By the time boarding time came, it is like I am hearing angels sing. At last my agony will end. Sounds like I am about to die and go to heaven. I fell asleep in the plane. But after the plane landed, I already catch a terrible cold and fever. Worst travelling experience ever.

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