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Increase the Quality of Your Articles: How to do it?

March 17, 2011 4 comments

As an article or content writer. It is very important to have a credibility and consistency when we write. On should consider the ROGU or Readability, Overall Quality, Grammar and Spelling, and Uniqueness of your article. With constant practice, you may find it very easy to attain success in these areas of consideration.

Excellence is a habit and not a one time shot. Like failure, success is also not permanent. What’s my point? I simply want to point out, if you are in the brink of giving up writing because you thought you are such a looser in that field and thus you will never earn from it, well, think again. Great writers had also their great failure. What’s the difference between you and them, is that never stopped pursuing for excellence.

I also believe that Article Writing is both an Art and a Science. Art, because it needs time to attain excellence and Science because you need a systematic organization of thoughts. Wrong mindset towards article writing would only lead you to limbo.

So cheer up! If you think you can’t…just do it. Write as many articles you can unmindful of the general rules, spelling and organization. Just let the thoughts flow from your mind to your finger tips touching the keys of the keyboard. Then assess yourself, evaluate and practice. You’ll get it in the long run. Just don’t be impatient. It will come and you will see how practice and consistency works in you not only in article writing but in all walks of like you have.

Why I gave this Video Tutorial Series is for me to extend my warmest appreciation to all hard-working OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers including myself(bias!) . It is also one way of giving back what I learned from the people I worked with and I look up to. I credit more than half of the what I shared in the video tutorial to Ms. Maribeth Oliver, who gave us a training that truly helped me a lot. If you are having trouble with my video tutorial you can download the Powerpoint presentation here.

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